When you come to our Dental clinic, you can be assured of the following benefits: Treatment planning with correct guidance for long term success. No cross contamination risk.

Digital Sterilization

  • Crowns: 15 year free replacement warranty.
  • Bridges: 15 year free replacement warranty.
  • Dental implants: 5 year free replacement warranty.
  • Root canal treatments: 5 year warranty.
  • Fillings: 3 year warranty.


International Centre for Dental Care is a fully equiped computerized state of the art clinic with provision for five dental chairs with immediate X-Ray facilities for instant treatment. The infrastructure ensures minimum visits and treatment time.

Our infection control programme involves many procedures to protect you as well as ourselves from the possibility of cross contamination. With our infrastructure we are able to take care of your teeth with equipment, materials and expertise of international standards.

Our dedicated team of qualified and experienced dentists use the very latest dental technology to help provide you with the smile you deserve as well as offering a friendly and professional service.

Quick facts about our clinic

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